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I came to Thousand Oaks in in 1977 from another world called New Jersey.  I had just finished college at Rutgers in Camden.  My campus was in a very inner city, urban environment dotted with slums.  Naturally, I was in awe of the Conejo Valley when I arrived.  The open space, the mountains and the rural lifestyle were all new to me and I loved it!  So this is where they filmed all those western movies and TV shows.

I started a new life, made friends, began a business career and settled into my new home.  When I first arrived you could shoot a canon down T.O. Blvd after 9:00PM and not hit anyone.  The City was peaceful, scenic and steeped in Western tradition.  Conejo Valley Days was the big event each year and we all wore cowboy gear to work for that week.  I worked many a hamburger booth for the YMCA and still have many of the buttons to commemorate those events.  I remember meeting old-timer Donna Fargo who was one of the original settlers of the Conejo Valley.  She always wore western gear year round!

I became more involved in community events because I liked working with the dedicated people in our area.  The town was small enough that I came across the same folks over and over working to keep Thousand Oaks a vibrant, generous place to live.

I met my wife Marilyn for the first time at lunch in the old Charlie Browns restaurant.  She

Founding members of the Alliance for the Arts, Marilyn and Al Adam in October 1994 attending the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Grand Opening.

brought me some oranges picked from a tree in her back yard.  Only in California!  We married and had two beautiful twin daughters Allison and Erica.  They are honors graduates of Westlake High School and have graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  They love our home and can proudly say they were born in T.O.

Sure there have been some bumps along the way but after living here for 43 years I am very happy that this old Jersey boy moved to Thousand Oaks.  I have grown to love this City and the people in it.  They are warm and giving and fiercely protective of the Conejo Valley way of life.  That is why I’m running for re-election to the City Council.  This is a community worth fighting for.  The environment, the safe streets, the good schools are all reasons to be involved and work with others to keep that small-town T.O. feel.  With your help this urban refugee and converted westerner will be able to give back just a little to the City that has given so much to him.

I was honored to be elected to the Thousand Oaks City Council in 2012. I joined the Council at a time when there were great divides in opinions and trust. Government needs to function and act as a well-oiled machine otherwise the interests of the people are not fulfilled. My initial goal was to become a positive, informed and productive member of the Council. However, I found myself in the position of needing to roll up my sleeves and work with each Councilmember to get past some differences that often prevented productivity. It was my goal to pull everyone together and move on from the acrimony of the past. I am happy to say that after eight years, the Thousand Oaks City Council is viewed by many as one of the most effective governing bodies in Ventura County.

IMG_5901Thanks to the collegiality of the Council, we have managed to pass pension and campaign reform, term limits, environmental protections, community beautification and major infrastructure improvement projects.

In addition we have laid the groundwork for significant job growth. Our master planned industrial center at the Conejo Spectrum offers LEED certified commercial space that already includes top-tier companies such as Amazon, Atara, and Sage Publications.

Our City needs to elect strong leaders who have experience with crisis management and economic uncertainty. I have helped manage the effective response to the Borderline tragedy, the Woolsey Fire and the COVID-19 pandemic. In my profession as a Financial Advisor and as a member of the Finance/Audit committee, I work hard for the fiscal stability that provides the high quality essential services that we all expect.

After considerable thought and encouragement by so many of you to seek re-election, I do want to continue to be a leader in our community. I will continue to listen to your concerns, seek your input to move your priorities into action and work to make Thousand Oaks a great place to live and raise a family.